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Our Top 13 Favorite Cocktails in Folly

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Folly Beach was a hotbed of activity last week with the Taste of Folly. Dozens of restaurants and vendors participated in what turned out to be the largest opening festival since its conception with over 4,500 in attendance. The event opened on Friday night with a Bartender’s Mix Off at the Tides Hotel where representatives from local bars/restaurants competed for prizes. Approximately 140 people arrived to sample sweet and savory cocktails from over thirteen contestants. The winners of the evening were: 3rd Place – Surf Bar ($50), 2nd Place – Locklear’s ($100), and 1st Place – Rita’s ($200, immediately donated to Surfer’s Healing, a local nonprofit that works with autistic children).

We were able to attend and collect basic recipes from all of the cocktails served, so that you may create your unique variations at home. Let us know your favorite ones and if you agree with the winning mixes!

1. Surf Bar – Surfin’ Cider

Let’s get randy with the Surf Bar’s Surfin’ Cider! Mix a variation of the following ingredients together in a large pot with an apple cider base and simmer for at least four hours.

Apples, Oranges, Allspice, Honey, Sugar, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon. Add in black rum towards the end and serve in a cinnamon/nutmeg dusted-rimmed glass.

2. Taco Boy – Folly Mule

This simple drink is a blend of a jalapeno/habanero infused tequila with lime juice, simple syrup, and ginger beer. Hot mama, it’s good!

3. St. James Gate – The Gatekeeper

St. James Gate stuck to their roots with this one and used traditional Irish whiskey, apple juice, Blenheim spicy ginger beer, and a mix of bitters. This can easily be adapted to your tastes with sampling different types of bitters such as elderberry, orange or even grapefruit.

4. Locklear’s Beach City Grill – Mama’s Blue Lemonade

This delightful drink is not your mother’s lemonade, but rather a kicked up version that will make you feel like you’re lounging on the pier at the beach any day. Mix Van Gogh’s Blueberry vodka with lemonade, simple syrup and mulled fresh blueberries. Serve in a blue tinted sugar rimmed glass.

5. Blu – Folly Sunset

All this sweet treat needed was a tiny umbrella in the glass to transport you straight to a sunny beach. It incorporated rum, amaretto, pomegranate, coconut water and a splash of pineapple. Have fun changing the doses of each to create your personal favorite version of this intoxicating glass of fun!

6. Chico Feo – Do You Have To Take A Drug Test?

This cocktail is best described as a Bloody Mary on steroids. The savory drink is made with smoked tomatoes, grilled red peppers, jalapenos and a splash of sake. Add in your favorite toppings and enjoy!

7. Drop In Deli – Cherry Limeade

This sweet little honey is a great evening sipper while cuddled up with your loved one by the fire. Mix grenadine with Sprite, club soda and your favorite Cherry Vodka. Voila!

8. Loggerhead’s – Pineapple Express

Seth Rogan and James Franco would be proud of this cocktail, as it’s a fun martini made with pineapple, gin, champagne and a light elderflower bitter. Add a little more gin to adjust the sweetness, or spark up the bubbly with champagne. It’s a lovely way to end the day.

9. Snapper Jack’s – Shark’s Blood

This cocktail won our vote for Most Effective, as it was a simple little shot of goodness. Mix bourbon, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec, Razmatazz, orange juice and pineapple for a fabulous drink that hides any alcohol flavors. This could easily be served on ice for an after-dinner dessert drink.

10. Rita’s – Berry Bliss

If you’re looking for aesthetics as well as taste, this is definitely worth trying at home. Mix a light amount of Elderflower bitters with Stoli Raspberry vodka, Blueberry vodka, basil, strawberry/blueberry puree, and pineapple. Top with champagne and a splash of Sprite. Healthy AND tasty!

11. Sand Dollar – The Dollar Holler

As expected, the Sand Dollar did its own thing and presented a unique mix of whiskey, lemonade, curacao topped with Budweiser. Definitely one for the books and will have you line dancing in no time!

12. The Washout – Old Fashioned Folly

Try this drink, especially during the holidays! With its sweet flavor, you’ll find yourself wanting to explore all the other ‘pie’ related mixes you can devise. This cocktail was made with Piehole Pecan Pie whiskey, bitters, orange and cherry juices. Other Piehole whiskeys available to make other variations are Apple and Cherry.

13. Planet Follywood – Spring Fever

Being that it’s in the middle of winter in January, we are all looking forward to the Spring. Enjoy this cocktail for an advanced peek of Folly’s excellent summers and good times on the beach. Mix muddled cucumbers with strawberry vodka, grenadine, a bit of lemon juice and simple syrup. Refreshing and light, just like Folly Beach.

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