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A Folly Kind of Wedding: Wedding Planning in Folly Beach

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Charleston and the surrounding area is the second most popular destination for weddings in all of the USA. Folly Beach is so popular for a vacation destination due to the great weather, beaches, fabulous restaurants, many golfing options.

The new year has only just begun and it brought with it millions of newly engaged couples.

It’s safe to say that of those millions, a good handful or two will decide to start their lives together by getting married on Folly Beach.

Nearly 40% of engagements occur between November and February with December being the most popular month.  The holiday season is the perfect time for many engagements, given that many couples have time off work and travel home to visit their families. The top ten most popular dates include major holidays such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years’ Day, and Valentine’s Day.

June is the most popular month for weddings with October coming in a close second. While it seems like those months are far off, now is the time to plan.

Some people opt for traditional church weddings or quiet courthouse ceremonies, but others dream about the setting only the beach can provide. These people want to say their vows while waves softly lap at the shore and dolphins dive in and out of the water in the distance and for anyone who’s ever made Folly Beach a part of his or her heart and soul then it’s only natural that those people would want to include the beach on their special day.

Although a beach wedding seems pretty cut and dry in regards to what it means, tell that to all the different brides out there planning one.

Take a look at the two biggest concerns for couples to be:

Location: Getting married on the beach might mean different things to different people. Some might want to be barefoot in the sand and feel the water under their toes. Some might want to get married directly in front of their favorite rental home. Some might want to get married down on the beach by the Morris Lighthouse (we recommend doing it during low tide to maximize the amount of space on the beach for you, your wedding party, and guests; plus, it makes for a beautiful setting).

Some people might decide to get married at the Folly Beach County Park. Day rentals are $600 from Monday to Thursday. All day rentals, which are from 10 am to 11:30 pm are $1,100 from Monday to Thursday, $1,200 on Friday and Sunday, and $1,500 on Saturdays. Contact the state park for more information at (843) 762-9516.

If you decide to get married on the beach, there is no charge, but remember that you’ll need a party permit for gatherings of more than 25 guests. Party permits are available online only at the City of Folly website.

Couples might also choose to get married in a church in Charleston and then have their reception in Folly Beach in a rental house or restaurant.

Price: Weddings can cost as little or as much as a couple wants to spend. Couples who want the full enchilada can use the Folly Beach Wedding Guide to hire stylists, wedding planners, caterers, photographers, and just about anything else necessary.

Lodging on Folly is all across the board. The Tides Hotel is the largest hotel on the beach and has affordable rates for just about any budget.

For information on condos, beach cottages, modest homes, and high-end luxurious rentals with the best of everything, take a look at our rental homes.

It’s important to book lodging far in advance to ensure that the location of your dreams is available for the big day.

One of the biggest things couples need to remember before getting married is that they will need a marriage license. Licenses can be obtained for $70 from the State of South Carolina. Licenses are available in Charleston as the county courthouse located at 100 Broad Street, suite 106, anytime between 8:30 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. Contact the county courthouse at 843-958-5000 for more information.

There is a waiting period of 24 hours from the date the application is filed before couples can get their license. Also, for anyone out there with a case of puppy love, licenses can only be granted to couples 16 years of age and older. Be sure to bring photo ID to obtain a marriage license.

Happy wedding planning, Folly!

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