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Jack of Cups Saloon

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Jack of Cups Saloon pened in 2014, Jack of Cups Saloon started small but delivers huge Asian and Indian-inspired flavors. The 34 Center Street establishment, situated in the heart of Folly’s main strip, delights in creating unexpected dishes and crafting delicious cultural mashups, which they describe as “globally-inspired comfort food made with love.” Their culinary prowess has even been featured in Southern Living, Thrillest, and Charleston Magazine. Jack of Cups’ hours may vary depending on the season, but they are typically open daily for lunch and dinner, offering indoor and outdoor patio seating.

Try one of their rich and savory curries: Dahl, Cashew Korma, or Chana Masala, or if you can’t decide, sample all three in the Trio, paired with rice and mini naan (a type of Indian flatbread). Order the Curry Nachos for a kaleidoscope of diverse flavors and textures. Served with your choice of curry, topped with ginger yogurt, cotija cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, fried garlic, fresh herbs, and tortilla chips, it may sound like an unusual combination. Still, this share-able appetizer will tantalize your taste buds and leave you and your crew hankering for more. The best way to experience Jack of Cups is to pick out many items tapa style and split them. 

Their menu rotates seasonally, but some staples, including their Red Curry Mac & Cheese, remain year-round. Blended with sweet pickle relish, Romano cheese, tomato, and cilantro, it’s the stuff of legend. Jack of Cups always offers a range of fresh and healthy items, like Lemon Asparagus & Charred Leek Soup and Arugula and Apricot Salad. 

Devour one of their meatless sandwiches such as their Americana Sliders, a vegetarian spin on that Golden Arches classic, stacked with plant-based patties, American cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles, onions, and special sauce on two mini challah buns. Or the Whipped Ricotta 4 Square Sammy, featuring smooth and creamy Maulucci ricotta on toasted focaccia with fresh arugula, capers, and balsamic di Modena. 

While many menu items cater to vegetarians and vegans, omnivores will find appealing options as well. The decadent Hoisin Meatballs are all-beef meatballs marinated in a rich hoisin broth, sprinkled with fortune cookie aioli, and topped with ricotta, furikake (a type of Japanese seasoning), and scallions. Diners also have the choice of adding roasted chicken or braised short rib to a meal. Meat eaters should consider adding short rib to the Curry Nachos—it cranks an already perfect ten dish “up to eleven.”  

Jack of Cups’ dessert list is limited, but it’s inventive, original, and packs a flavorful punch like the rest of their menu. When’s the last time you tried Cap’n Crunch & Malted Milk Tiramisu? (note: like everything else at Jack of Cups, the menu changes seasonally so that desserts may differ depending on the time of year).   

You will need something to wash down all that phenomenal food, and Jack of Cups has an impressive beverage list that includes sodas, draft Kombucha, Boylan’s birch beer, Topo Chico (sparkling mineral water), and various oat milk combinations. Their extensive craft beer list boasts local and regional brewery selections, domestics, and imports available in a wide range of styles from lagers, ambers, and IPAs to stouts, porters, wheats, and sours. They also carry an impressive wine list and concoct imaginative and rejuvenating cocktails, as exemplified by their Hibiscus Tea Margarita and the Chai Tea Mule.

For an eclectic and affordable spot with quality food and stellar service, Jack of Cups is a must-visit on your next trip to Folly. 

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