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Top Five Reasons to Surf Folly Beach

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If you’re looking to ride some waves on Charleston-area beaches, you can’t do any better than Folly Beach. With a dedicated surf shop and surf schools, quality surfing spots and professional instructors, you’ll want to wax up your board and hit the beach to ‘Hang Ten.’

Gives you a full body workout

Surfing is rigorous exercise and provides you with a great cardiovascular workout. All that paddling work into the waves also tones upper back, shoulder and leg muscles, and the effort required to maintain balance on the board can help strengthen your core. In addition to its many physical health benefits, surfing can serve as a stress reliever as well and aid in improving your mental health.

Gets you closer to nature

Okay sometimes you can be too close to nature in the case of sharks, but shark attacks are extremely rare-and you’re more likely to be struck by lightning or killed by fireworks than assailed by Jaws-so don’t let fear of these ocean-dwelling creatures deter you from spending time in the water and enjoying a great surfing experience. More common sightings might include pelicans and dolphins, and there’s certainly no reason to flip out over “Flipper.”

The Washout

Not only is The Washout (AKA “Hollywood”) recognized as the most popular area of Folly to surf, it’s reputedly where surfers can experience the best waves on the South Carolina coast, period. Prior to Hurricane Hugo, this section of the beach was lined with homes, but the storm destroyed them and now wind blows unimpeded across the beach, through the wetlands and on to the Folly River. The wind effect created by these changes is what experts say causes the water there to “roll” so well.  

McKelvin’s Surf Shop

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, McKelvin’s Surf Shop on Center Street offers everything you need to launch your surfing adventure from board rentals and full wetsuits to connecting you to professional independent instructors providing surfing lessons. They can set you up with the proper size and style board to match your skill level. And when it comes time to catch the waves you can check out their daily surf report detailing the wave, water and weather conditions, so you can know in advance what type of day to expect.

Professional Instructors/Surfing Schools

For beginners aspiring to learn the sport of surfing, there are plenty of experienced, certified instructors on Folly to teach you how to ride the waves. There are a wide variety of lessons and options available ranging from surf school classes, surf camps for kids and private or group lessons, to corporate outings and parties.  

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