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How to Avoid Parking Tickets on Folly Beach 

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Nothing ruins a fun day at the beach like returning to your car and discovering that slip of paper tucked under your windshield wiper notifying you that you’ve been ticketed. Don’t let a parking violation spoil your good time while visiting Folly. Know the parking rules and regulations so that you can avoid those vexing fines and concentrate on rest and relaxation. It is a vacation, after all.  

When parking in grassy areas near public beach access, remember to make sure and check that all four of your tires are lying off of the roadway. If white lines are painted, tires must be outside the white line. Also, all vehicles must park with the flow of traffic and not against it. 

It should probably go without saying, but there is no parking in a crosswalk and no parking on sidewalks. There is a lot of foot traffic on Folly too, and parking in these pedestrian designated areas is not only illegal but would certainly obstruct people’s progress toward their destination. 

Be respectful of Folly residences and businesses and don’t block public or private driveways, or you will be slapped with a fine. 

And keep these distances in mind: parking within 20 feet of an intersection or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant is prohibited. 

When it comes time to pull into a space, note that all parking on Folly must be parallel to the roadway, and no diagonal parking is permitted unless otherwise posted. 

Once again, the hope is that common sense would prevail here, but parking on dunes or revetments (embankments) is not allowed. 

Additionally, you cannot park in ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible spaces unless you have a visible ADA license tag or visible permit on your vehicle. Be considerate of others. No able-bodied individual needs to be commandeering spaces from disabled persons just because a more extended walk may inconvenience them.  

Lastly, but not least, there is no parking on yellow curbs or within areas marked by yellow or red street lines, and no parking is permitted behind yellow lines. If you see yellow or red lines, regard them as off-limits to your vehicle.  

Parking rules are strictly enforced on the island, so it would behoove you to heed these regulations and not take the risk that a violation will go unnoticed. Educate yourself on these laws to prevent being ticketed by the Department of Public Safety, and you can help make your next Folly adventure less stressful and more enjoyable.   


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