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7 Things to Do on a Rainy Folly Day

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So if you find yourself at Folly during a surprisingly rainy spell, don’t fret – there are plenty of things to do with your downtime. Here are some of our favorite ways to spend a rainy day.

Enjoy a cuppa something warm and cozy

Get thee to Black Magic for some Americano, St. James Gate for an Irish Coffee, or any of our other beloved local eateries serving hot java.

Hang out at the library

If you’ve never been to the Folly Beach Branch Library, you’ve been missing out on one of our beach town’s beloved gems. Located in the community building on Center Street, the library first began purveying books back in 1941.

Explore the local cuisine

Hey, you’ve gotta eat! And since Folly has no shortage of incredible restaurants to choose from, you could pack an entire week’s worth of culinary exploration into a few rainy days. Kinda makes the rain clouds more, ahem, appetizing, eh?

De-clutter your shell collection

There’s no shame in our seashell game – we’re beachcombers and proud of it. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably amassed (aka hoarded) a sizable collection of shells at this point. While away a rainy day by organizing your sea treasures and, if you’re visiting, culling your collection to what you’d like to take back home.

Read a Folly-centric book

Did you know Charleston is a bit of a mecca for writers? Dorothea Benton Frank, Sue Monk Kidd, Mary Alice Monroe, Karen White, Bill Noel . . . some seriously notable novelists have set their tomes in our sweet beach town. If you need a good read, look no further.

String a shark-tooth necklace

If you’ve been lucky enough to pluck a shark’s tooth (or ten) from the surf or shore, try your hand at turning it into a wearable memento. You don’t need a ton of supplies to string a shark-tooth necklace, and you can Google instructions or – better yet – ask a local how to do it.

Learn about Folly’s history

Folly is nothing if not full of character, and that’s pretty much been the case since it was founded. Her history is full of intrigue and excitement, from pirate ships to the old Ocean Plaza. Learn more at the local library or pull up a seat beside a storied native at the bar.

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