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Sunset Shots that will Convince you Folly is Heaven on Earth

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Is there anything better than watching the sun dip down over the water in the coastal Lowcountry? Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, a photographer or just a person that appreciates nature’s bounty, Folly Beach has sunsets that will make you think you’ve stumbled upon heaven on earth. Great spots abound, but we’ve compiled a list of a few Folly favorites to help you point your camera in the right direction.

Morris Island Lighthouse

Enjoying a sunset with this iconic historic landmark as a backdrop is almost a rite of passage for Folly Beach goers. Whether you observe it from the beach or by boat or kayak this is a breathtaking place to frame the perfect sunset shot. If you prefer to see it from the beach, there’s a designated parking area and a short quarter mile or so walk before you come into view of the lighthouse. And who knows, you might even spot a dolphin or two feeding or frolicking in the inlet while you’re out there snapping pictures.

Folly Beach Pier

You can’t find a much better coastal background for a glorious sunset than at the Folly Beach Pier. Watch the fisherman reel their catch amid the circling seagulls and roosting pelicans as the last glimmers of light fade, capping a beautiful beach day. You might just find inner peace as you soak up the views and sit and listen to the soft crash of the waves lapping onto shore. And if you desire a beer or cocktail to complement your view, there’s a bar at the beginning of the pier where you can order a drink and bring it with you.

Bowen’s Island Restaurant

Yes, it’s a restaurant, so technically you have to pay to watch this sunset, but it’s worth the price of admission and you get to eat some fresh and tasty local seafood in addition to the great view. The vistas from Bowen’s Island Restaurant are magnificent with the surrounding salt marsh and shrimp and fishing boats putting a unique Lowcountry stamp on an already stunning scene.

Sunset Cay Marina

While the top three places on this list usually grab all the attention, Sunset Cay Marina is an underrated gem to capture picturesque sunsets. Overlooking Folly River and the tidal marsh, Sunset Cay Marina offers a smaller and quieter, but beautiful location to take a memorable sunset photo.

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