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Ride or Fly: Alternative water sports offer multiple ways to enjoy Folly’s scenery

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Sunning on the beach and wading in the water is enough excitement for some ocean goers, but if you want to explore the wider world of alternative water sports there are a number of fun activities you can try in and around Folly in addition to the staples of surfing and stand up paddle boarding.  

Kiteboarding, which combines elements of wind surfing, wakeboarding, paragliding and surfing, is one such activity. This extreme water sport is all about harnessing the power of the wind. You can use a variety of different boards with your kite, including a twin tip (the easiest to start with), a skim board, a surf board, a hydrofoil and more. 

No matter what local venue you choose as your gear and equipment outfitter, the sport is very technical and it is highly recommended that you learn kiteboarding with a certified instructor so you can become educated about proper safety procedures and the necessary skills to avoid hurting yourself or others. 

Perhaps you would rather experience the thrill of floating high above the ocean. Parasailing offers a unique way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Atlantic coastline from the air as you soar behind a boat. You can choose to fly solo or have a friend, significant other or family member join you for a tandem flight. 

If you’re seeking a more up-close and personal water experience there is always jet skiing, with most places offering single, double or triple rider opportunities. Area watercraft outfitters provide hourly rentals and some even offer guided adventure tours to barrier islands. 

Make sure to note that many places that offer jet skiing and parasailing are only open seasonally, so check their websites when planning one of these water sport activities. Kiteboarding is available year-round as long as wind conditions cooperate.

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