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Exploring the Waterways around Folly by Kayak

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Seeing Folly Beach by kayak can give you a unique up close and personal perspective of these coastal waterways and there is no shortage of professional local outfitters to help connect you with nature and experience the outdoors.  

When you are ready to embark on your adventure you just need to decide whether you would like book a tour guide or if you would prefer to just rent a kayak and navigate the tidal creeks and estuaries at your own pace.

Each has its advantages, but the benefit of a tour guide is that they can share the ecology and history of the area and impart knowledge on the indigenous flora and fauna.

Even if you are new to the world of kayaking, guides can instruct you on basic paddling techniques and safety protocol before departing for your excursion. Trips can also be specially tailored to different skill levels.

During your journey, there is always a chance that you will glimpse native wildlife such as bottlenose dolphins and any number of wading birds such as egrets and herons.

If you’re lucky, you might even get to observe a pod of dolphins exhibiting “strand-feeding” behavior, a clever hunting strategy in which they collaborate to herd a school of fish together and then surge out of the water to strand them on the shore where their prey then becomes easy pickings.  

And while Folly Beach Pier and Morris Island Lighthouse have earned a well-deserved reputation for spectacular sunrises and sunsets, these venues aren’t the only place on Folly where you can experience them; you can enjoy daybreak or dusk at its finest from the water by taking a sunrise or sunset kayak tour.

Outfitters welcome any groups large or small, and there are double kayaks available for rental should you feel more comfortable teaming up with a significant other, friend or family member.

Kayaking adventures are also great for engagement and bachelor/bachelorette parties as certain outfitters offer professional photo packages where for an additional fee you can document your journey in custom action and portrait images.  

Remember to bring a rain jacket as tours operate rain or shine and wear clothing and shoes you don’t care about getting wet. Essential supplies to bring with you on your kayaking odyssey include sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses with a retaining strap.

Regardless of what tour you choose, kayaking is a fun activity and a memorable way to explore this beautiful barrier island.

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