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Holding Hands on Folly Against Offshore Drilling

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If you want to participate locally in a global movement to stand against offshore drilling and protect our coastal economies, marine wildlife and fisheries, then you might want to consider Hands Across the Sand, an annual springtime event that unites people of all ages and affiliations in the fight for our oceans. 

The mission of Hands Across the Sand is to bring together individuals and organizations to promote a clean energy future and end our dependence on fossils. 

Thousands of Americans and our fellow global citizens gather in demonstrations at beaches and cities worldwide, including Folly Beach, and draw metaphorical and actual lines in the sand.

The name refers to the participants linking hands in a show of silent solidarity and commitment to steering our energy policy away from fossil fuels towards cleaner, renewable energy that will sustain our planet. 

Hands Across the Sand was founded in 2010 by Dave Rauschkolb, a restaurateur from Seaside, Florida and quickly grew into an international movement after the BP oil disaster in 2010. The idea is that people would come together to join hands, forming symbolic barriers against spilled oil and to stand against the impacts of dirty fuels. 

This international coalition of organizations, activists and citizens aims to bring the issue of clean energy to the attention of local and world leaders. 

Hands Across the Sand offers you the opportunity to organize your own local event or join in one nearby. The next Hands Across the Sand global event is scheduled for May 16. The Folly Beach event happens on the beach just to the west of the Folly Beach pier.

To learn how you can get involved or to join a local event, visit

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