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Folly Beach Entertainment Scene is Alive and Well

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The entertainment scene on Folly Beach is alive and well thanks to a dedicated group of locals and visitors who are passionate about original music. There is a growing list of artists and bands around the country who wish to play on the Edge of America.

“Because of Folly Beach’s reputation and relaxed vibe, bands all over the country want to play here,” said Ben Bounds, owner and agent at Follywood Productions, an agency which books and promotes live entertainment. “The list of high caliber bands who want to play on Folly Beach keeps getting longer and longer, which is a great problem to have because it allows us to be very selective. But as long as it’s good original music from someone who can deliver a great live performance, we’re open to it.”

In addition to touring artists who perform in Folly Beach, there are many local musicians who play regularly in the area. Some of these include Betsy Frank, Bret Mosley, and Concrete Jumpsuit, a band just getting started in the Folly Beach scene.

While many beach towns offer vacationers an array of entertainment options in the realm of tribute or cover bands, Folly Beach is different in that the artists who regularly perform there do so with original material. Popular bluegrass/folk rock band James Justin & Co. was based in Folly Beach while writing and recording its first two albums.

Folly Beach boasts a tight-knit community of locals, devoted in their appreciation of original music. According to Bounds, “locals are our biggest promoters. They are our street team, our biggest cheerleaders who get the word out about what’s coming up next in the music scene.”

Another aspect of Folly Beach that helps with promoting local, original music is the full schedule of annual festivals. The next event in the festival lineup is Follypalooza. Set for Saturday October 20, the event is a celebration of local music and raises funds for cancer patients going through treatment. Other events include the Sea & Sand Festival and the Folly Gras Parade and Music fest, both in early 2013.

With only 2600 residents, Folly Beach is a small community. What it lacks in huge venues, it makes up for in performance spaces that offer an intimate, listening room experience. Loggerheads Beach Grill is just one of these venues, beloved by tourists and locals alike for the casual atmosphere and nightly entertainment. Calhoun’s Calling, Step Down and Gaslight Street are just a few of the bands who perform regularly at Loggerheads Beach Grill.

Other popular venues for live, original music on Folly Beach include The Drop In Bar and Deli, Snapper Jacks, and Taco Boy.

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