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Folly Beach’s Annual Flip Flop Drop

Ring in the New Year at Folly Beach with the Flip Flop Drop

December 31, 2024

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When it’s time to ring in the New Year, rest assured Folly Beach knows how to put the past year to bed and usher in the next with some serious panache. Need proof? Well, where else can you go to watch a giant flip flop drop from the sky?

That’s right — New York City can have their giant ball, because Folly Beach counts down to the New Year with a Flip Flop Drop. The brain child of Folly’s “First Lady,” Charlotte Goodwin, this fun-spirited way to fete the New Year has become a huge draw.

“I said, shoot, we ought to be able to do something like this on Folly Beach and use this flip flop as a drop,” Goodwin explained of her inspiration. “Hopefully we’ll have a big celebration and a toast and everybody will enjoy it.”

Mission accomplished! Over a thousand people flock to Folly every year for this one-of-a-kind celebration in ode to every Lowcountry beachgoer’s favorite footwear. This oversized, LED pair gets hoisted around 9:30pm, and it begins its descent roughly a minute before the clock strikes 12.

Immediately following the drop, the beach lights up with a special fireworks show held to welcome in the new year. Making the evening even more festive is the fact that many of Folly’s restaurants keep their doors open longer in case you need to do some New Year’s noshing.

Rounding out the night is live local music — lots of it. Nearly every bar in town features a band (or two or three), along with food and drink specials .

And, really, what better way is there to welcome a new year than at Folly Beach?

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