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An Unforgettable Experience: A first look at Folly

Folly Beach Spring Break

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Entering Folly Beach for the first time, you drive over the Folly River and one of the initial idyllic images greeting you are the boaters, kayakers and paddle boarders enjoying a beautiful day on the water.

When you cross the bridge you pass by the charming main downtown strip of Center Street, highlighted by the bright facades of its restaurants, shops and bars.

On any given summer or holiday weekend, these streets are bustling with locals and tourists alike, taking a brief respite from the sun and sand to indulge in some food and beverages or shopping. 

Once you arrive at the Beachfront area you glimpse Tides Folly Beach, Charleston’s only full-service oceanfront hotel. Nearby is the Folly Beach pier, typiclaly a great place to soak up the breathtaking scenery, and will be once the new one is ready. It’s such a great place to watch the sunset, going fishing or viewing the sea birds. 

Cruise a little further down the beachfront toward the north end of Folly and you can park and stroll down to see the historic Morris Island Lighthouse, one of the most photogenic landmarks on the island. If you’re lucky you might even encounter one of the local aquatic mascots, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. 

We’d like to know about your initial impressions of exploring Folly. Leave your comments below and tell us what stands out about your Folly experience. When did you first visit, who were you with and what was the occasion? 

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