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Welcome to the Best of Folly Beach 2010

The Best of Folly Beach is a democratic accounting of what we like most about the Edge of America – the things that make it special for us. With this year’s Best of Folly Beach you have the right to cast your ballot here as we release a new poll every two weeks. Have your voice heard and you might just be helping your favorite local business with winners in each category receiving free exposure on!

  1. Folly Beach Crab Shack is the best. I could not find a place to vote so hope this gets to the right place and will be accepted as my votes.

  2. Folly Crab Shack brought a new era of fine dining…..casually, to Folly Beach. With Bushy’s gone, and although I’m hearing a little about the Sandbar’s return, the Beach has changed a bit since Hugo, and we all remember that one. Guess I have to say I’m a little biased. Ron Hill, Dan Doyle, and a few unamed others, put quite a lot of thought into what people wanted when they went out to eat at Folly Beach, and to be honest, it’s worked in West Ashley, North Charleston,and Lexington. So there’s something more there, than just a restaurant. It’s choosing the right people to serve the food, choosing the right products to make the foods, and preparing the menu consistantly and offering good value, especially today. I’m proud to say I know these guys, because, they are committed to giving you a special and comfortable dining experience. Try it…’ll see!

  3. Always went LOST DOG but the last 3 times we’ve been there, they were closed…. got to crab shack once and was good, but we also ran into trouble there….stood in line for 45 minutes, to be turned away because of kitchen fire,….so we discovered ritas…dog friendly and hubby smokes, so outside dinig was great. People were very nice and food was very good. Rita’s has come a long way from when they first opened.

  4. Folly Beach would not be the same without the Folly Beach Crab Shack….It is the BEST restaurant at Folly Beach!!

  5. Please cast my vote for the Crab Shack at Folly!!! I cannot find a place on the website to vote, can you make sure my vote is counted

  6. You can see God at Folly Beach. A truly beautiful beach. It really is the at the edge of a wonderful and beautiful country, the land of freedom and liberty.

  7. The Crab Shack is the best. I have always been pleasantly surprised with the variety, quality, and price when I visit. Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks to all that voted the Crab Shack best of Folly! Actually all the Restaurants on Folly are Great! All deserve to win! A special hats off to the Lost Dog! What a great responce they got! Great place! Thanks again for all our locals and visitors that have made us so successful the last ten years, and we hope to see you soon! Ron & Staff

  9. The Folly Boat is a Charleston, South Carolina legend and landmark. As the unofficial ambassador to Folly Beach it reminds each of its passersby of the funky, feel good vibes of the Folly Beach community.

  10. Planet Follywood gets my vote. Great food, friendly atmoshere and Lisa is the best! We always have a wonderful time whenever we step thru the door. Everyone makes you feel Welcome.

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