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Beach Bag Must-Haves

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The beach is calling to you. You’ve booked your Folly getaway, and you’re ready for the surf, the sand, the perfection. But what do you really need in your beach bag? What are the must haves for a day on Folly’s beaches? Read on!

Start With the Obvious. Pack a chair or towel for sitting  (If you’re here for an extended visit and forget to pack beach chairs here is some info on renting beach equipment). You might want two towels, in fact, one to lie on the other to use to dry off after a swim. And some sunscreen is mandatory, the higher the SPF the better.

Be Dressed Right. In the summer the water on Folly feels as perfect as a warm bath. Make sure you’re wearing your swimsuit. Throw on your cover up of choice, be it t-shirt, sorts, or sundress. A hat and sunglasses will help protect your face from the sun. And flip flops could be the official shoe of Folly Beach. Why wear anything else?

Food and Drink. It might be nice to pack some extra snacks in your beach bag. Beach time can be appetite inducing. Think of snacks that don’t have to be kept cool or that won’t melt in the heat. Pretzels, fruit, or veggies are all good (and bathing-suit figure friendly) options. Remember that you can’t have alcohol on Folly’s public beaches, so water, soda, or juice are all good options. A cooler will help keep everything cold.

What are you forgetting? You have all your essentials, but what else do you need? If you’re fair skinned or plan on staying in the sand all day, then you’ll need an umbrella or tent for shade. Baby powder helps to get dry sand off feet and hands when you’re headed in after a beach day. Don’t forget shovels for building sand castles or your favorite trashy tabloid or beach read. Chap stick will help keep your lips from drying out. And if you’re packing your camera or phone, you might also want a plastic bag to protect it from the sand or water.

And now that you’re bag’s packed, what are you waiting for? Folly’s ready for your day at the beach.

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