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Where to Set Up on Folly

folly beach vacation homes

A day at the beach isn’t always, well, a day at the beach. If you find yourself sitting in the wrong section of sand  say, next to rowdy guys tossing a frisbee that somehow keeps hitting you in the face your whole day could be ruined. Luckily, you can avoid that problem at Folly. We’ve put together a cheat sheet that will help you find your perfect spot on the beach!

If you want to play sports 

If you’re at the beach to socialize and play volleyball or frisbee, you’ll want to set up to the right of the pier, in front of Blu, the always crowded beach bar. There’s always plenty of twenty-somethings in this area, and plenty of hot beach bodies to stare at.

If you want to bring the kids

There are definitely families sprinkled all over the beach, but the best place to play with your kids is on the the left side of the pier. The drinkers are mostly over in front of the bar so this is the perfect spot to stay clear of rowdy frat boys. Plus, the bathrooms are still close by.

If you want to catch a wave

The Washout has been called the best place to surf in the state. To get there, turn left at the end of Center Street and drive until there are no more houses around. Parking is on the side of the road, but you still have to pay. It’s all surfers at this spot, so you’ll be in good company.

If you want to have some privacy

If you don’t like crowds, stay away from the middle of the beach by Blu and the Tides Hotel. Instead, take a right at the end of Center Street and drive until just before you hit Folly Beach County Park. This end of the beach always has far fewer people on it and the surfers are down on the other end.

If you want to enjoy the view

There is a lovely portion of the beach with a view of the Morris Island lighthouse. It’s a little secluded area that never seems to be too crowded, despite its quaint feel. Turn left at the end of Center Street and drive until you can’t go any farther. Park, get out of the car and walk up the path to the beach. The beautiful inlet has big rocks, a wooded area and, of course, an amazing view.

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