Very Thankful for Folly

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s the time of year to gather our family around us, eat until we’re past full, and give thanks for all the amazing things in our lives. This year, while you are counting blessings, be sure add Folly Beach to your list.

Here are some of the things we are thankful for on the Edge of America.

The View. Whether you’re surfing the Washout, searching for sea stars near Morris Island Lighthouse, or enjoying a family day at the county park, the Atlantic Ocean combined with Folly’s wide beaches and tall dunes are breathtaking. Add in blue skies that go on forever and the frequent dolphin visits, and the view is nothing short of perfect.

The Folly Attitude. There’s no other beach on the East Coast that has the same relaxed and comfortable vibe. Folly is bohemian, friendly, and relaxed all at the same time. The Folly attitude is unique and a big part of what makes this island so Folly.

Center Street. Downtown Folly Beach might be small, but a lot of good times, shopping, and eating is packed into that small stretch. Come for drinks after a day at the beach, shop for anything from surf gear to tourist swag, and then hang out for amazing oysters or local shrimp.

The Edwin S. Taylor Folly Beach Fishing Pier. The pier is the perfect place to fish, go for a walk, or watch the people or waves. With a restaurant, gift shop, gear rentals, tournaments, and shagging parties, the pier is a must-visit on any trip to Folly.

One-of-a-Kind Touches. From the Pirate Playground to the eclectic beach houses along Ashley Avenue, Folly has unique written all over it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So tells us, what are you thankful for on Folly?

  1. I started coming to Folly about 11 years ago. I loved the family atmosphere & that I felt safe letting my grandkids roam the beach. Love the peacefulness & how laid back the lifestyle was. Staying at the condo by the pier was very convenient as we walked everywhere unless we wanted to make the short drive into Charleston. Unfortunately it became quite popular & the prices skyrocketed so being just 2 of us it is hard to find affordable oceanfront places to stay. I love to just go walk for hours on the beach. If I could live my dream, it would be to live at Folly.

  2. I have been coming to Folly Beach since I was a kid. I love the island feel of Folly. The lighthouse is amazing and I have used it for many art projects of my own. From the beach to the shops and restaurants, there is no place like Folly Beach. Now that I am married with kids of my own, I love bringing them down to the beach. Folly is like another home for us. My girls love to eat, shop, and surf…LOL!! They love Folly as much as I do. Thank you for many years of fun times, and a life time of memories.

  3. I’m thankful that Folly is Folly! I’ve been vacationing and visiting at Folly since I was born 59 years ago. Two more years and I hope to be there permanently!

  4. I am so thankful for Folly Beach and the peaceful beauty that graces me every time I drive over the bridge onto Center street. I live on James Island so weather its after work and I need to relax and have a great meal to unwind or meet friends on the weekend to sit in the sun. Folly is everyone’s and that is the true beauty in life on Folly. Rich or poor everyone blends at Folly and is welcome. That is what I am thankful…..the peace I feel at Folly.

  5. Our family’s favorite holiday time is what we call our “Folly Jolly Christmas”. It is always complete when we hang our ornaments made from shells collected on Folly beach.

  6. I am thankful for Folly beach for many so many reasons. All of the series of events leading up to the creation of my life would not have been possible without it’s existence. My mother used to work at the Atlantic House when I was a small child. I still remember ducking under it at low tide and catching buckets full of blue crab with my little net. I am thankful for all of the wonderful experiences I had as a kid growing up with Folly in my life. I remember as a teenager my last day on the beach. I stayed out all night walking the beach. I wrote a giant message in the sand with a piece of driftwood thanking Folly for everything, and vowed I would return. I watched the sunrise and sat quietly as the tide came in and washed my words away. Then I left.

    Fast forward 18 years…

    Living in the middle of corn country in Indiana is no place for me. I will always be an islander, and the low-country is forever in my blood. I have a little boy of my own now. Growing up in a small Midwest town, snowy winters, farms, etc. he will never take for granted the experiences of Folly life.

    But then after his forth birthday I returned with my family. It was one of my life’s greatest moments. The sites, the smells, the sounds all came flooding back to me. I remembered everything. We attempted everything i had experienced child again. We explored and played for days. Gone were the mornings of watching Spongebob during breakfast as we sat on the ocean and watched the dolphins getting their breakfast too. So much to try to do in only one week. Try not to rush or you’ll miss the little things. “Dad I just want dig up baby clams, will you help me?” I sure will, everything else can wait…

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