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Say Hello to South Carolina’s State Surfing Champs!

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It was a big weekend in the wave-riding world at Folly Beach, with two special events bearing testament to Folly’s thriving surf culture.

Things kicked off bright and early at 8am on Saturday morning with the start of the Governor’s Cup of Surfing. Dubbed the “Super Bowl” of local surfing, the Governor’s Cup is the Eastern Surfing Association’s championship for the entire state.

Now in its 28th year, the Governor’s Cup kicked off at the Washout with open bodyboarding competition and followed with various shortboard and longboard heats throughout the day. The tournament extended into Sunday, where it culminated with crowning this year’s official state champs.

The 2016 Women’s State Champion is none other than last year’s reigning champ, Savannah Bradley. The 2016 Men’s State Champion this year is Kyle Busey, who was the state champion in 2013 before placing second the last two years in a row.

If their names sound familiar it’s  because, although the Governor’s Cup draws talent from all over the state, both Bradley and Busey are based out of Charleston. Bradley is a local surf instructor at Charleston Surf Lessons, and Busey is the owner of Carolina Salt Surf Lessons and Charleston Paddleboard Co. Both call James Island home.

Another standout in this year’s competition? Twelve-year-old Bree Labiak, who went toe-to-toe with the competition for top honors and came out second only to Bradley. She prevailed in two divisions she competed in: girls under-16 longboard and junior women’s longboard.

The second big event for the local surf scene also took place on Saturday — but not in the water. Rather, Loggerhead’s hosted their 4th Annual Benefit for Surfers Healing Folly Beach Camp.

The Benefit, held from 12pm to 5pm, featured live music from Mike Martin and the Beautiful Mess, Shakin’ Martinis, and the Cubes. Other highlights of the afternoon included lunch courtesy of Loggerhead’s and a raffle for a cool $5000 in cash (congrats, Ronnie Hayes!).

One hundred percent of the proceeds from Loggerhead’s Benefit will be put toward the  Surfers Healing Camp at Folly Beach, an annual event that pairs members of the local surf community with autistic children. Each year, Surfers Healing’s volunteer-staffed camps give over 4,500 children with autism a day at the beach they’ll never forget — one that is restorative for the children, their parents, and Camp volunteers alike.

This year, Surfers Healing takes place at the Folly Beach Pier on Aug. 25 starting at 8am. For more information on how you can get involved, call Nancy Hussey at (843) 343-4047 or email

Now, without further ado, listed below are the awards given out at this year’s Governor’s Cup:

Open Bodyboard: Charlie Stonesifer, Hartley DePass, Brycen DePass, Rick Anson, Jack Spahr, Alika Thorvalson.

Girls U16 Shortboard: Bree Labiack, Rose Windham, Olivia Wendel, Natalie Scarpa, Kelsey Hansen, Kayella Youngblood.

Menehune U12 Shorboard: Mako Musilunas, Palladin Pelliccia, Jasper Fun, Peyton Shaw, AJ Jackson, George Jackson.

Junior U18 Longboard: McHenry Jackson, Hartley DePass, River Fun, Jack Poore, Avery Fun, Jack Spahr.

Senior Men Shortboard: Todd Youngblood, Kai Dilling, Francis Saladin, John Furtmeijer, Todd Greene, Marshall DePass.

Junior Womens Longboard: Bree Labiack, Olivia Dilling, Olivia Wendel, Sofia David, Kelsey Hansen, Cailyn Hager.

Masters Longboard: Kai Dilling, Todd Youngblood, Marshall DePass, Mik Musilunas, Phil Jackson.

Junior Men U18 Shortboard: William Davis, Doug Wendel, Logan Greene, Alex Broderick, Jack Spahr, River Fun.

Masters Shortboard: Chris Costa, Anthony Osment, Charlie Guss, Blue Spivey, Alex Leveen, Carlisle Carter.

Boys U14 Shortboard: Oliver Royston, Mako Musilunas, Ben Allen, Cam Davis, Peyton Shaw, Palladin Pellicia.

Mens Shortboard: Kyle Busey, Evan Tanner, Erik Kirby, Sean Deloach, Chase Koch, Jacob Shaffer

Boys U16 Shortboard: Doug Wendel, McHenry Jackson, Tyson Royston, Oliver Royston, Jasper Millis, Brycen DePass.

Menehune U14 Longboard: Jasper Millis, Sofia David, Griffin Jackson, Mack Williams, Mako Musilunas, Brycen DePass.

Legends Shortboard: Rick Anson, Paul Martin, Andy Avant, Lucky Moyer, Bill Hogan.

Grand Legends: Norman Godley, Thornton White.

Girls U14 Shortboard: Sylvia Windham, Bree Labiack, Olivia Wendel, Ana David, Sofia David.

Junior Women Shortboard: Olivia Dilling, Rose Windham, Natalie Scarpa, Cailyn Hager, Kayella Youngblood, Kelsey Hansen.

Womens Shortboard: Kristen Tanner, Rhi Scarpa.

Ladies Shortboard: Tara Thomas.

Mens Longboard: Thomas Cannon, Morgan Hurley, Colin White.

Legends Longboard: Paul Martin, Rick Anson, Thornton White, Norman Godley, Lucky Moyer, Andy Avant.

Womens Longboard: Kristen Tanner,

Ladies Longboard: Tara Thomas.

Menehune Bodyboard: Jasper Millis, Brycen DePass, Mako Musilunas, Ben Allen, Alika Thorvalson, Jasper Fun,

Stand Up Paddleboard: Morgan Hurley, Kai Dilling, Rick Anson, Charlie Guss, Hartley DePass, Bryan Spahr.

Wahine Open: Savannah Bradley, Bree Labiack, Kristin Tanner, Rose Windham, Olivia Dilling, Tara Thomas.

Mens Open: Kyle Busey, Chris Costa, Tyson Royston, Evan Tanner, Charlie Guss, Anthony Osment.


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