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Namaste Folly: Free Folly Beach Yoga!

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After a long week of sitting in an office cube, are you looking for something different to do on a Friday night? If so, come unwind by taking a free Folly Beach yoga class.  On the second Friday of every month, meet up with locals, work on properly stretching, bending, a.k.a your best pretzel moves, clear your mind and share your practice outside at the Folly Beach community center.  After working out all those kinks, enjoy some good, home cooked grub and conversation with your local class members.

Last Friday, I attended Namaste Folly’s yoga class and it was the perfect end to my work week.  The class began with words from Jenny Brown, a 16 year yoga instructor who has been practicing for 20 years.  She reminded everyone that the yoga class is designed for all levels, and she encouraged everyone to listen to their bodies and to not be afraid of trying new poses.  20 people rolled out their yoga mats in the Community Center’s back yard and Jenny began the class began with breathing exercises.  While taking deep breaths and exhaling loudly attracted the attention of Folly pedestrians, becoming aware of your breath while transitioning between poses.

From downward facing dog to a different variation of the sun salute, the class eased into my most feared yoga position, the head stand.  The head stand position can be simply explained, but I still wasn’t brave enough to try it.  Others succeeded at the head stand and I watched as Jenny encouraged some people who were afraid to just do it, and she spotted them when necessary.  After a few more warrior positions and stretching out my neck, hips, and hamstrings, the class ended in with a corpse pose and meditation.  While lying on your back completely relaxed with a clear mind, I always come within seconds of falling asleep.  You know you’ve truly rewarded your mind and body with a good work out when you become so relaxed that you nearly doze off.

After the class, everyone gathered around a table outside, grabbed a plate, and dug into the smorgasbord of healthy eats which included fresh couscous, hummus and pita, pepper jam and cream cheese crackers, with tons of greens, pasta, and a homemade juice. I spoke to Erin, the coordinator of Namaste Folly events.  “On December 12, Namaste Folly will be celebrating their one-year anniversary.  We hope to have a live band while everyone does yoga,” she said.  The teachers are rotated every month, and next month Namaste Folly will host a Thai Chi class, according to Erin.  Erin also mentioned that Burt’s Market is a big sponsor, and they donate money to pay the teachers so the class remains free and open to the public. 

“Everyone always rushes out of yoga class; getting together and hanging out after yoga is how we share our whole practice,” said Erin.  So grab your friends, your mat, and a dish for a remarkable yoga experience, and share your practice in an outdoor setting with a fantastic community.  For more information, visit Namaste Folly on Facebook:

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