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Learning to Surf, the Folly Way

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Surfing is a big part of Folly’s personality and culture, and the waves on Folly are some of the best on the East Coast. So why not take a lesson and learn the perfect way to pop up and catch a wave.

Three companies offer surfing lessons on Folly to any surfer, no matter their experience level. Carolina Salt Surf Lessons, Charleston Surf Lessons, and Greg Elliot Surf combine their passions for the sport with their love of Folly Beach to teach even the newest surfer proper technique.

“Anyone should do a lesson that has a love for the ocean and wants to do something that they have always thought about doing but were to scared to do it,” says Josh Wilson the owner of Charleston Surf Lessons. Wilson has taught surfing for 10 years from Turtle Bay, Hawaii, to South Jersey to Folly, and his surfing trophies include East Coast, national, and worldwide titles.

Surfing lessons typically being on the beach where students can learn the basics: water and surfing safety, paddling, standing up, and surf etiquette. “We like our students to feel encouraged and safe,” explains Kyle Busey of Carolina Salt Surf Lessons. The Charleston native has been surfing for 15 years and provides his students confidence and knowledge in the water. “We want to give our students the necessities needed to excel on their own.”

When the lessons move into the water, students and instructors are prepared for the waves and the thrill of wave riding. “If I can help someone catch their first wave, and be a part of it,” says Wilson, “or take someone who already surfs to the next level, there’s no better feeling.”

A private, 1-hour surf lesson on Folly starts around $45 dollars, and packages and group lessons are also available. Lesson times and locations are flexible and vary by company. For more information on surfing check out this page or call for more information.

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