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Late Summer on Folly

folly beach vacation homes

Haven’t been on vacation yet and worried about summer ending so soon?  Or, maybe you’re craving another dip into the ocean before getting tied down at work?  Don’t fret, as there are a lot of reasons to visit Folly Beach in late August that make it worthwhile.

 Cheaper Rates

Hotels and rentals are cheaper this time of the year, and you can enjoy your stay for a lot less.  Less demands for places to stay also mean less demands on your wallet, so you can spend more money on dinners at the local restaurants or cocktails at your favorite bar.  Having fewer people around also means that you are able to dip your toes into the ocean with more personal space on the beach!

 Cooler Temperatures

Speaking of dipping your toes in the water, the ocean temps start dropping around this time.  Instead of diving into a hot tub of the salty stuff, you can relax in water temperatures hovering in the 80’s.  The Edge of America is well known for its surfing culture, so bring your boards and catch some of the cooler waves that are lapping at our beaches.

Sales, Sales, and more Sales

Beach stores lining the streets are having sales on much of the summer wear, souvenirs, and sports gear.  Stop by and pick up something to take home at a reduced price!  Paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, and surf boards are great buys at this time of the year.  Make time to peruse the shelves and racks to see what other items you may need.

Bike Rentals, Tours and Charters

Biking around Folly is a popular activity, and rentals are going to be cheaper than during the peak season.  Fishing charters and guided board tours will allow you to see Folly from another angle while getting some exercise.  You’ll participate in these sports with some of the best Captains and tour guides on the east coast.

As you can see, hitting Folly Beach at the end of the summer can possibly be considered the best time of the year!  Saving money while chilling at your favorite spot without having to battle crowds sounds like a perfect vacation.

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