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Creative Ways to Display Your Shark Teeth Collection

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Now that you’ve done the hard work of hunting down a varied assortment of shark’s teeth, you’ll want to find some creative ways to display your collection. There are many options from which to choose, but here are a few of the more imaginative approaches to exhibiting your shark tooth stash.

Frame them in a picture- It’s completely up to you how expensive you want to go with the type of frame, and the number of teeth in your collection will help determine the size you choose, but a picture is an interesting way to present your shark’s teeth, and it also doubles as wall art.

Glass coffee table- Another unique and practical approach to displaying shark teeth is a glass coffee table with pull out drawers. This allows you to share one of your personal hobbies with friends and family in the form of a living room furniture staple you need anyway.  

Wear your shark teeth as jewelry- Why not make a fashion statement with your shark tooth collection? Craft a necklace, bracelet, earrings or a ring out of your shark teeth, and you’ll have a great ice breaker conversation piece for your next cocktail party.

Lighted glass display cabinet- If you’ve amassed an impressive collection of shark tooth specimens and you want to show them off to guests, this is another possibility, albeit a costlier one. However, a lighted glass display cabinet is probably one of the most beautiful and professional-looking ways to exhibit your shark’s teeth.

Sculpt those teeth into a work of art- The possibilities are endless here, depending again on the number of shark teeth you possess. Some people have arranged their teeth to form the image of a shark and placed it on a canvas with a painting of the ocean so it appears to be floating through the deep blue sea; others have combined their teeth together to produce one giant “Megladon”-sized tooth. You’re only limited by your creativity.

Shadow box-A shadow box features an enclosed glass-front display case where you can mount objects of personal importance, so it provides the perfect space to create a nice visual for your shark’s teeth. Tip: remember to use information labels to help people identify the shark species in the case.


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