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Bert’s Thanksgiving Dinner

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Bert’s Market, located at 202 E Ashley Avenue, is a Folly Favorite. Patrons and fans have watched as the shop has expanded over the years. New additions, such as the new deli, are popular hot spots for locals and visitors alike. For the first time, Bert’s is offering pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinners fresh out of their kitchen.  Omar Colon, owner and son-in-law of Bert, says, “we are very excited about this.  We plan to add more over the next few years, but this is a great new use of our deli.”

The crew, fully trained and ready to go, will be smoking 8-12 pound hormone and antibiotic free turkeys on the grill outside. Inside, preparations for sides will use only the highest quality of organic ingredients. Homemade cranberry sauce, a staple for many tables in the South on Thanksgiving, will be served along with homemade macaroni and cheese, homemade stuffing and gravy, and a combination of root vegetables that include sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots and parsnips.

The expansion of services is just the beginning for the quaint little store.  In fact, as staff is trained and other holidays arrive, they plan to add more of these types of deals.  Having dinner of this quality ready for pickup makes holidays easier and more convenient, and Bert’s is happy to provide it to Folly Beach.  Orders need to be placed by November 19 at 12pm.  Pickup on the 26th needs to be completed by 4pm.

A full meal for 6-8 people goes for just $175.  They are also serving up single orders for individuals who wish to drop in and having a quiet Thanksgiving on their own.  Single orders are $26.  If you like delicious leftovers, you should highly consider going for the gusto and getting the full meal.  They are ready and prepared to kick off this new opportunity for Folly Beach.  Have a great holiday season!

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