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10 Reasons to Spend your Spring Break in Folly Beach

Folly Beach Spring Break

folly beach vacation homes

Spring Break is quickly approaching and there is a lot to do on Folly Beach that make it the best place to spend the break while enjoying a little time off with your family. While we understand we can’t possible include everything to do in Folly in ten reasons, incorporate some of these plans and activities into your trip for a vacation you won’t forget.

Cheaper Rentals

When planning a vacation, the first thing many people do it book their lodging. Folly Beach has a lot of amazing rentals that are perfect for groups of any size. Rentals begin at $150 night which can save you big money when you have a large family. You will also get all the comforts of home like a kitchen, full bathrooms, and a lot of space. Most rentals will put you a few blocks from the beach and close to the center of town.

Live Music

Before the virus, Folly hosted live music six nights a week. Still, you can find a few places to down some draft beers and catch local musicians performing, and we expect things to open up more as the warm weather returns and vaxinations increase.

Enjoy the Food

Start the day off right with brunch at your favorite restaurants, or takeout when offered. The Lost Dog Cafe, Rita’s, Blu, The Washout, and Black Magic Cafe will be offering daily specials. Try Charleston’s favorite shrimp and grits, or dive into a healthy portion of eggs benedict. Fresh muffins, hot coffee to cure your karaoke hangover, and a beach view will help you relax both body and mind as you prepare for the day.

Head to Taco Boy who are now open 7 days a week and find out what the hype is all about. Try a pineapple margarita, or stick with Taco’s and beer.

Learn to Surf

Head straight for the ocean and learn to surf. Our list of Surfing Guides offers plenty of options from beginner lessons to more advanced skills. Surfing does wonders for the mind and allows you to become one with the ocean while also working your core, building confidence as you progress, and improving your balance. Don’t be afraid to try it if you’re an adult, as surfing is fun for all ages.

Picnic on the Beach

Head to Bert’s to pick up supplies for a picnic on the beach! Their homemade goodies include wraps, paninis, cold pressed juices, and a huge array of exquisite desserts. Or, choose one of their many protein shakes and smoothie and head to the beach for a long walk. Pets may go with you, but keep them on a leash. Don’t forget, Folly Beach does not allow alcohol on the beach. Instead, head to the…

Hit the Bars

Bars are lined up and down Center Street and offer all types of cocktails, and while some are closed or have limited hours, others are open. Check out these recipes that you can try at home, or kick back with something freshly mulled, mixed, shaken or stirred at the Folly Beach Crab Shack, Drop In Deli, The Sand Dollar or Rita’s.  St. James Gate takes an Irish spin with bourbon being a key ingredient. Relax or plan to spend your time dancing. With all of these options, you will be able to find an exact fit for what you need.

Head to Downtown Charleston

If you’d like to explore the area, head downtown and visit the SC Aquarium. Maybe take a trip to the City Market and watch as ladies handcraft sweetgrass baskets. Enjoy an afternoon at the Battery, go on a ghost tour, or consider a foodie tour from Culinary Tours of Charleston. If you’d like to learn a bit of Charleston’s history, make plans to go on the Gullah Tour. There are so many interesting and enjoyable things to do downtown. Go outside of the box and try something new. Check out more day trips from Folly.


With the average weather being in the upper 60’s and right around 70 degrees it’s the perfect time of year to spend outdoors before the summer humidity hits or jogging or hiking off last night’s live music along the beach.

Quieter Time of Year to Spend with your Family

Generally the busiest time of year is Memorial day weekend through Labor day weekend, May – September. Avoid the crowds and plan your spring trip this March.

Hang Loose Y’all

The truth is, Folly Beach is the best place to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. Happy Spring!

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